Marketing Automation

Scale Sales Efforts With a Personalized Touch

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is both a marketing practice and a suite of technology that powers it, focused on scaling your marketing efforts without significant increases in staff. In its simplest form, it allows you to automatically send messages and content to different audiences at set times with the hope of getting them to eventually buy or buy again.

Why is Marketing Automation Important?

Marketing automation helps you sell to prospects the way they actually buy, instead of in a stilted way, without sacrificing a personal touch. The modern buyer does a lot of research online themselves, and on average has around 8 touch points across different mediums prior to getting in touch with sales. Marketing automation helps you meet them and track their progress wherever they go, so you can sell exactly what they’re looking for when the time comes.

Who is Marketing Automation for?

Marketing automation is great across industries, but it is ideal for the following scenarios:

Long Sales Cycles

If your product or service requires a lot of time to educate customers, chat with them, and convince them to go with you, marketing automation keeps interest without tying up your sales team. 

Diverse Buyer Types

If you have 3 or more types of customers who need very different messages to convince them to buy, the segmentation of marketing automation is ideal.

Limited Sales Teams

If your sales team is limited in size or in time per sales person per lead, marketing automation easily fills in the gaps and helps them prioritize only red hot leads to spend valuable hours on.

How Does Marketing Automation Work?

Here’s our approach to automation:

Lead Gen Strategy

We strategize with your team to figure out the combination of content marketing and advertising that will help fill your automation funnel with leads.

Segment Audiences

Using 1st and 3rd party research and knowledge from your team, we segment your buyers to determine how many different funnel types to make.

Content Creation

Our writers, designers, and producers get to work creating emails, social posts, landing pages, chatbot interactions and more.

Funnel Setup

We create the different combinations of interactions, lead scoring, and content that will nurture prospects over time until conversion.

Website Integration

Our team works with your IT and dev teams to get code, mailboxes and more set up so we can start tracking the results of automation.

Test & Optimize

We launch the automations and monitor results on a regular basis, testing different content, messages and strategies to get better and better outcomes.

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