Digital Advertising

Build awareness, generate leads, and drive sales.

What is Digital Advertising?

Digital advertising refers to any ads that are placed online or in apps, taking many different forms and serving many different functions. Whether you’re trying to build awareness or directly convert buyers, digital media provides an easier-to-track type of advertising that can help influence your audience’s behavior.

Why is Digital Advertising Important?

While many types of marketing like SEO, guerrilla marketing and viral posts can work, they rely on a lot of hope when done independently, and could fall on deaf ears. By being pay-to-play, digital advertising guarantees your products and services will be seen. It’s just a matter of how effective the message is and how well-placed the ads are, and the size of your budget.

Who is Digital Advertising for?

Everyone can benefit from digital marketing. It’s best used in these scenarios:

Building Awareness

With a proper budget and good targeting, ads that are designed to be seen and absorbed by the same audience multiple times over a campaign can help the brand stick in their minds for later marketing efforts. 

Reminding Leads

Remarketing campaigns follow leads who have performed actions like following a social media profile or visiting a website and prompt them to resume their buying journey at opportune moments.

Directing Action

Especially enticing ads and offers can prompt a direct action, generally through pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. Whether you want to capture a lead or make a sale, these ads are ideal.

How Does Digital Advertising Work?

Here’s our approach to advertising:

Targeting Strategy

We work with you to figure out what kind of audiences are likely to buy, where they’re likely to see your ads, and work out a media plan with you.

Creative Concepting

Our creatives get to work, coming up with several messaging strategies that fit the mediums and customers you want to target.

Content Creation

With a strategy in place, our copywriters and art directors get to work producing creatives for all the campaigns and executions you need.

Execution & Testing

Our media team places your campaigns and observes results in real time, tweaking and optimizing as needed to get the best return on ad spend possible.

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