Content Marketing

Provide valuable information to draw in buyers.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a pro-customer marketing practice that has companies produce and distribute their own original content to entertain, inform, delight and surprise an audience of real followers. 

Why is Content Marketing Important?

Instead of only pushing out promotions or directly selling to buyers who may not have heard of you, content marketing draws buyers in by sparking genuine interest and speaking to their real concerns and problems. This makes you look in touch with customers, makes your company appear active, and helps cultivate communities who can help you influence each other and others to buy.

Who is Content Marketing for?

Different versions of content marketing can work for anyone, but it benefits longer sales cycles most compared to instant add-to-cart business models. Some of the ideal users are:

B2B Service Providers

From legal and accounting to maintenance and food providers, B2B services can speak to many unique issues in a long term content strategy.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

SaaS products exist to solve problems, leaving a lot of room to create content about those problems that potential customers might search for.

Complex Hardware

If it’s difficult to explain, it’s a good candidate for gradual use case content and entertaining content that helps humanize the hardware.

How Does Content Marketing Work?

Here’s an example of our approach to content:


Through existing analytics and 1st and 3rd party research, we determine what your buyers talk about, and what problems keep them up at night.

Content Strategy

We use the research to determine what kinds of content to make, where to publish it, and how to speak to the community.

Content Creation

Our writers, designers, and producers get to work creating ebooks, videos, blog posts and more.

Content Repurposing

We use every piece of the content, because at scale it can be expensive to produce. It gets chopped up and added to new channels for greater impact.

Content Distribution

Content is published according to a strategic editorial calendar, with smaller bits like social posts promoting the larger pieces like white papers.


Your audience gets more and more interested in what you have to say, and eventually wants the big content, trading information or even money for it.

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