Pumping up a startup for acquisition.


Horizan, a bootstrapped app that matches high school upperclassmen with universities quickly and easily, had been in quiet beta for a long time. They were seeking additional funding to finalize their product and prep it for acquisition, and determined that they needed to make a soft launch to make that happen. They needed a strategy and some core assets to get their team of marketing interns ready to carry out the launch.


Our strategy team explored the market and a sea of well-funded established players to help them find their niche for their product. The challenge was their limited functionality, and the relative quickness of the app experience, plus the 2-year lifecycle for their upperclassmen target. We turned this into an advantage, comparing against complicated and time-consuming options with this value prop: fast, simple, free. We then helped them expand their reach by targeting school counselors and parents, to help drive the conversation and use of the app outside of the 2-year lifespan. From this strategy, we created messaging docs, editorial calendars, and a whole lot of content to get their team ready.

Identify Target
Content Strategy
Editorial Calendar
Art Direction
Drive App Store

Strategy Documents

Website Content

Social Media Ads


Proof of concept users acquired
Acquisition offer extended and in negotiation

What Our Clients Say

Jonathan Sun

"WILL+WAY helped us put together a solid marketing strategy and some great assets that we used for our launch campaign. They definitely helped us move the needle and I would recommend working with them!"

Jonathan Sun
CEO, Horizan

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