Building an organic social strategy with influencer promotion.


BL.INK is a service that lets companies turn long links into trackable branded short links, ideal for use on social media, print, and out-of-home. They were entering the market competing with market leader, and needed to launch the brand on social media, develop a content strategy, and produce all their organic content with no advertising budget


We identified two audiences—time strapped marketers who needed easy-to-track branded links, and enterprise brands who needed better ways to manage their many links. We created buckets that explained benefits with catchy animated infographics, enterprise-focused case studies, and managed dozens of posts a week to build a community. We also built an unpaid influencer program, curating content from popular complimentary brands like Hubspot long enough to get mentioned in their blog posts and drive significant traffic to the site.

Identify TargetPersonas
Create Content
Curate Influencer
Develop Standout
Drive Traffic to

Website Content

Value Propositions

Social Media Management


of total traffic to site from organic social posts
of total conversions from referrals earned through curation strategy

What Our Clients Say

Rob Toledo

“Nik and the Will+Way team were a strong asset in social media for our suite of brands. They helped us successfully launch our new brand BL.INK, and then quickly picked up two additional brands and helped us build our social presence with unique creative concepts. I strongly recommend Will+Way to any businesses looking for a team of strategic and creative content strategists to quickly grasp their brands and deliver engaging experiences for your customers.”

Rob Toledo
Director of Marketing
BL.INK & Premium.Domains

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