Marketing for B2B Hardware

Position your solution over the long term.

Marketing Challenges for B2B Hardware Companies

With investment-level prices and a tangible COGS, B2B hardware solutions can take a long time to sell. From bulk order mobile workstations to one-off VR installations for conferences, these devices require big sales teams, long conversations, and a lot of wasted time. And depending on the niche, it can be difficult to even get customers to find you

How We Can Help

Content Marketing

Position your product as a solution and create content around the problems it solves, since those are more likely to be searched for early in the sales cycle. We can help you produce, publish, and promote content.

Marketing Automation

Save your sales team time with well-planned funnels that nurture curious leads until they’re ready to demo and buy, automatically. Our in-house solution is less expensive but fully-featured and all-in-one.

Digital Advertising

Create awareness for customers with category awareness, right on the platforms they’re already using. Our team can optimize campaigns for lead generation and keep your funnels filled.

Learn How to Market Your Hardware Better

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