About the Agency

Driven to do more with less.

The Mission

WILL+WAY came into being because of the two major gaps in the market. The first was between how digital marketing is sold, and how your customers actually shop and buy. They hit dozens of touch points before contacting your business, so it doesn’t make sense to hire different agencies to handle different channels, like social and email, or different functions, like creative and media. Buyers will encounter many of these pieces of content in many different places, which means the strategy, the content, and the data need to be centralized to make a meaningful impact.

The second gap was between the cost of servicing this new buying journey, and the budgets most marketing departments could afford. Content marketing requires a massive stream of written and visual content across channels, and the leading marketing automation tools are priced out of reach for smaller businesses, while failing to provide value equivalent to the price for larger businesses.

By efficiently controlling both of these costs, WILL+WAY can create and automate content marketing funnels, getting you more results with less.

The Approach

Data Collection

Explore analytics
Dive into communities
Take surveys


Create personas
Determine buying funnels
Plan conversion

Platform Setup

Onboard marketing automation
Import data
Assign users

Content Creation

Graphic design
Video & motion graphics


Test emails & landing pages
Compare results
Improve performance


Launch full automation
Let it run
Report on results

The Founder

The founder is a veteran of content marketing, discovering the challenges brands face when doing marketing in-house, and exploring efficient business models while working with advertising agencies. He’s served as a copywriter, a content strategist, and a creative director on B2B efforts of major brands like Microsoft, Amazon, Starbucks, Western Union, and more. He launched WILL+WAY to bring all his major league experience to help mid-market tech companies compete and succeed in a tightening economy.

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